From October 13th to 15th there will be Turismo Bravo tour agency staff, especially designated by the National Maritime Museum, at the Santiago Airport to give assistance to ICMM Congress delegates as they arrive. They will answer questions about transportation from Santiago to Valparaìso.

As the organisers will know the itinerary of all delegates before the Congress, groups of 7 to 8 delegates will be arranged (with no more than two hours of difference between their flights arrivals) to get the best prices possible for transportation from the airport to Valparaíso.


TAXI: aproximate cost of $USD 120.-

SHARED GROUP (approx. 7 to 8 people): total approximate cost of $USD 120.- to be shared between group members.

MINI-BUS TRANSFER from Santiago Airport to Tur-Bus Station in downtown Santiago. (There are a couple of bus station in Santiago, but we recommend Tur-Bus, because it is the safest). From the Bus Station, take a Tur-Bus from Santiago to Valparaìso. (Bus leave every  15 minutes, and the last bus is at 22:00 hrs.) Total cost per person, about $USD 10.-


The city buses: micros are run by several transportation enterprises. You can see in  the bus front window the routes it'll take; single journeys cost about $CL 300 ($USD 0.47) for local routes (inside Valparaíso) and $CL 410 ($USD 0.62) for routes running between Valparaíso and the nearest city, Viña del Mar. All prices are exhibited in the front window of the bus. 

"Colectivos" are collective taxis painted all in black that run fixed routes, and are a very common mode of transport between (and within) Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, and other surrounding areas. The cost of the trip, is a little more expensive than the bus or metro and depends upon the distance being travelled within a system of zones. There are also normal taxis (black and yello roof) that do custom rides, but they are less common and much more expensive.You can find them in some taxi stops around the "flat" part of the city.

The light-rail system, "Metro Valparaíso" or "Merval", runs along the coast. It starts at Valparaíso's station and heads into Viña del Mar and then along the chain of towns heading inland towards the Aconcagua valley. The metro provides quick access to major places of interest, and is only slightly more expensive than taking public buses, but faster and safers. Adult fares range from $CL 300 to $CL 1100 ($USD 1.71) depending on the time of day and the distance travelled.To use this transportation system, it is necessary to have a metro card that can be puchased at any station and it requires charging with funds. The cost of the card is about $CL 1.500  ($US 2.33) and it can then be charged from time to time depending upon your destination. Fares are by distance and the maximum rate is $CL 800.- ($USD 1.24) Schedules are: Monday to Friday 06:30 to 22:30 hrs.; Saturday 08:30 to 22:24 hrs. and Sunday 08:55 to 22:12 hrs.

For more information, visit: http://www.metro-valparaiso.cl/

Ascensores, or funiculars, ply between the flat and the hillside communities. They are for the most part old and creaky, but generally reliable. The fares may sometimes differ between going up and going down, but cost about $CL 300.- ($USD 0.45) each way. The ascensors are an unusual mode of transportation in Valparaíso, and offer gorgeous views of the cityscape, port, and the Pacific Ocean.

Taxis are black with a yellow colored top and can take you anywhere you want, but ask for the total amount of the fare to your destination.

Radio taxis can be called by phone to pick you up at a designated place. You must ask what time they can pick you up, or establish a pick-up time in advance. You must also ask for the service cost.

In Santiago, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar there are Uber and Cabify vehicles working; if you use the app you can get easy and safe transportation. Through the app you will know the cost of any trip.

Trolley buses are electric buses with fixed rates and routes, and circulate only through the main areas of Valparaiso. Fare $CL 275  ($USD 0.39) and there are some buses on which the fare can paid using the metro card.